Fundraisers & Donations 

The Desoto Central Middle School Band program would not run as smoothly and effectively without all of the generous donations and family support in our fundraising efforts. Below is a list of our current and upcoming fundraisers. If you would like to make a donation to the band program, please follow the link at the bottom. 

Thank you!

Popcorn Fundraiser: September 4 - September 21

Christmas/Fall Fundraiser : October 19 - November 2

Gummy Fundraiser: January 29 - February 12  

Click HERE for the fundraising permission slip form 

Food for the Soul:

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Thank you for Donating to the Desoto Central Middle School Band.


Donations of any size are greatly appreciated!

Your donation helps support musical performances by students at Desoto Central Middle School by providing funds for instruments, music, and instruction.