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HDBDA Audition Results

Congratulations to the following students for being selected for the Hernando-Desoto Honor Band:

Maya Raggio, Flute, 8th grade

Natasha Bupp, Flute, 8th grade

Yasmin Maya, Flute, 8th grade

Madelyn Spencer, Clarinet, 8th grade

Erin Moore, Clarinet, 8th grade

A.J. Zabat, Clarinet, 7th grade

Liah Mengarelli, Clarinet, 7th grade

Paris Lyons, Bass Clarinet, 8th grade

Kylie Rafnson, Trumpet, 8th grade

Taylor Owens, Trumpet, 7th grade

Bridget Cope, Trumpet, 7th grade

Bethany Bennett, Horn, 8th grade

Chloe Purkrabek, Trombone, 8th grade

Olivia Lechner, Trombone, 8th grade

Dorian Flie, Trombone, 8th grade

Noah Naylor, Euphonium, 8th grade

Amy Ba, Euphonium, 8th grade

Aiden Esquivel, Tuba, 8th grade

Callen Achord, Mallet Percussion, 8th grade

Will Castellanos, Rhythmic Percussion, 8th grade

Noah Duncan, Rhythmic Percussion, 7th grade

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